Internet Explorer 10, Windows 7 Opens then closes immediately

This is a very recently updated/repaired Windows 7 SP1.  
As I recall, there were some issues with IE so I installed IE 10.
From the beginning, IE 10 will start, a window willl flash up and then close and that is all...
No more IE.  No window.  Nothing.

I have reset IE, no change.
I have tried opening with no extensions, no change.
I have unchecked the box in Programs, rebooted, rechecked the box .. etc., no change.

This appears to be a common problem but I've not found a fix that works.
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Fred MarshallPrincipalAsked:
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You could try a repair install.  :-(

[Does it happen in safe mode with networking also?  Please verify.]
start-all programs-accessories-system tools-internet explorer with no addon mode...If you are able to launch IE then problem is caused by addon. Disable unwanted addons.

Fred MarshallPrincipalAuthor Commented:
I'm not sure how important this would be but the IE10 install created no icons or shortcuts whatsoever - including the one mentioned in system tools.  So, I had to create my own.  Even without using a shortcut, the problem persists.

ded9: But yes, the original question says it was started without extensions.......

aadih: The problem remains in Windows Safe Mode with Networking.

hmmmm... Windows Update works tho...  seems like it's based on IE, no?
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You could also try uninstalling, cleaning (CCleaner) and reinstalling.

If not, repair install may not be avoidable.  :-(
fmarshall --
"I have unchecked the box in Programs, rebooted, rechecked the box .. etc., no change."

It is not clear where "the box in Programs" is.  Or what you are trying to do.

Uninstall IE10??

When you "repaired" Win7 did you wind up with any version of IE installed?

The answer to the last will determine how to uninstall IE10.
Fred MarshallPrincipalAuthor Commented:
Yes, there was a version of IE installed after the upgrade/repair.
The problem with it was that it would not open ANY pages but sat there with a white background.  At least it stayed open.  Sorry, I can't be sure which version it was.  Probably 8 and possibly 10 if an automatic windows update did that.  Otherwise I would have been sticking with 8 on that computer.

It is not clear where "the box in Programs" is.  Or what you are trying to do.
Sorry if I'm being too cryptic.  I meant:
Control Panel
Programs and Features
Turn Windows features on or off
[CHECKBOX] Internet Explorer 10

According to some Microsoft instructions, unchecking this box is how to "uninstall" IE 10.  So, while I doubt that, it was all I had to go on.
Go to Control Panel - > Programs and Features -> View Installed Updates (left side) -> Search for Internet Explorer (right side) -> Highlight it  -> Uninstall.

This will uninstall the current IE version and get back to whatever you had before the update. See if that works.

If not, cleanup (CCleaner), restart and let Windows Update reinstall IE 10 again.

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"Turn Windows features on or off
[CHECKBOX] Internet Explorer 10"

That only disables IE 10.
aadih has given you the proper procedure to uninstall IE 10 which was installed as an update.

However your problem with the earlier version of IE suggests something else is awry.
A couple of things to try.

1) Run SFC /SCANNOW from a command prompt.
Fred MarshallPrincipalAuthor Commented:
I was able to back up to IE8 which is working fine.
A reinstall of IE10 brought back the same problem.
I've invested enough time in this thing.....  so sticking with 8.
Great. You got into a working state. :-)
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