How can access be restricted to a directory (CF and IIS 7)

I'm trying solve a problem on  CF/IIS 7 site that I admin but I didn't write.
I am running the site in two locations, on is production and the other is a test server. On production the problem with IE 10 below does not exist, which is good!  But I need to test something on the test system and I can't until I am able to log into the test system using IE 10.

The site has a root directory  (www)
and an admin directory (www/admin)

Access to the admin directory is restricted unless you login successfully. The login function works correctly on every browser I have tested except IE 10. If I try to login using IE 10, the site just stays on the login page and the username/pw disappear from the input boxes.

I have looked over the code thoroughly. The problem comes at this bit of code:

<cfif not isDefined("session.urlForward") OR session.urlForward eq "" OR session.urlForward contains "/admin/login.cfm">
<!--- in IE 10 the session.urlForward var is not defined here. In Firefox it is --->
<cfset urlForward = "index.cfm" />
<!--- Firefox winds up here --->
<cfset urlForward = session.urlForward />
<cflocation url="#urlForward#" addtoken="false" />

If I am using IE 10, the session.urlForward var is not defined.
If I am using FF, the session.urlForward  var IS defined and I wind up in the else and I log in successfully. The login creds for both IE 10 and FF are showing up correctly.

If I create a very basic  file (test.cfm) in  www/admin, I can't view the file unless I log in.

So, the point I am at now is to figure out what is causing the admin directory to be restricte. I have posted this problem a few days back but since then my questions are different (and obviously it's still not solved)

What is the method one would use to restrict a directory in this situation - is it a function in IIS 7 or is it a ColdFusion thing? or something else? I'm trying to backtrack to see why this is working on my production server but not my test server.

I have many other directories under www that have have no problem accessing without a login. How did the initial developer restrict access to www/admin?

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Do you have access to CF Administrator?
If so check the box next to use J2EE sessions

Also check IE's cookie restrictions - remember that CF uses cookies to manage sessions.
Sanjay SantokiCommented:

Please try to add website in trusted website list as well as make sure required add-on are installed.. ie. JVM, flash

Also, try to enable compatibility mode on IE.

Sanjay Santoki
Here is what I use to restrict directories using pure CF.

		<cfif findnocase('manage/',cgi.script_name,1)>
			<cfif _session.admin eq 0>
				<cfset reqData = getHTTPRequestData()>
				<cfif structKeyExists(reqData.headers,"X-Requested-With") and reqData.headers["X-Requested-With"] eq "XMLHttpRequest">
					<!--- ajax loaded page --->
					<script type="text/javascript">
						document.location = '/loginadmin.cfm';
					<!--- not ajax loaded page --->
					<cflocation url="/loginadmin.cfm" />

Open in new window

Ignore the _session part.  I created my own session management that is load balancer friendly and performs very well.  The code works when you have ajax windows too.  To begin with I had issue of their session timing out and then they click a link on the screen and getting the login on a tiny popup div.  This code knows the difference between a ajax window and regular page load and forwards to the login properly.

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nachtmskAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone.
The solution was for me to rebuild my test env from scratch. I had tested a lot of things on that test server and something was messing it up. once I rebuilt the server (two two days), everything worked as it should. that being said, I thought reiters solution was useful on it's own. Thanks again,
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