Exchange 2010

Our Exchange 2010 box came up with the following errors this morning, along with some resource exhaustion warning.

' the Exchange store database 'MailboxDatabase' copy on this server appears to have failed due to insufficient memory. The error returned by failover was "There is only one copy of this mailbox database (MailboxDatabase). Automatic recovery is not available.". For more detail about the failure, consult the Event log on the server for other "ExchangeStoreDb" events.

The box only had 5% memory available, we cycled IIS on this box to clear up some memory and the errors cleared.  Everything looks to be running cleanly now. no more errors.

My question is, does this mean the DB is corrupted or are we safe to move forward.  The box runs all roles of Exchange, and has 8GB of RAM, we were thinking of jumping up to 12GB to see where it lies at that point.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
I would doubt if the database was damaged. Exchange shut things down to protect it.
8gb of RAM is very light for an Exchange 2010 server. I would look at putting at least 4 but preferably another 8gb of RAM in to it.

Nick RhodeIT DirectorCommented:
Agreed with Sembee2, bumping up the ram would help but is this on a VM or Physical?  Does this box do anything else other than exchange?  How many users are using the exchange server?

Memory Considerations:

Basically with Exchange 2010 and 8gb ram your techinally running at the minimum requirements.
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AmitIT ArchitectCommented:
I agree to Simon and Nrhode.....You should bump it to bare minimum 8GB more. Also set the virtual memory size Actual + 10 MB.

Also check if any other application consuming more memory or any memory leakage issue. Use RAMMAP tool from MS. That will help you which process is consuming max memory.
DaveIsHere08Author Commented:
The only thing on this box is Exchange, we have around 180 users.  It is in a virtual environment.  We were going to let it run maintenance overnight and then bump up the RAM tomorrow.  I just want to be sure the DB is good to go, from what I can tell it is reporting OK.
Nick RhodeIT DirectorCommented:
Should be fine.  All it should have done is possibly dismounted.  I would say 8gb would get you by with around 40-50 users.  In the virutal environment it runs much lighter but for that amount of users, yes, give it a little bump :).

Hope it all works out

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DaveIsHere08Author Commented:
Ended up adding another 4GB.  The machine is using about 84% steady now.  We will add more if need be.  Thanks for the clarifications.
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