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Access2010 Subform Datasheet to pop up another detail form

Working in Access 2010, I have a MAIN form that has a subform in a datasheet view.
The Main form allows the user to select a group of products by various categories and subcategories.  There are 5 list boxes. When the user selects a category from listbox 1, list box 2 contains a subcategory of the item(s) selected in listbox1. same for List box 3, 4, 5
As the user selects these items, the subform, in datasheet view brings up a listing of thos items within the specific categories selected.  Works really cool.

The subform works from a total query as it's control source and is filtered depending on the selection(s) in the Main form. I have another form (DETAIL) which will bring up many more details given a product ID pased to it in DETAIL open args.  

What I would like to do is have the ability to double click on the row or an item in the subform and open the DETAIL form.  I've looked around and cant find anything that works. I cant seem to capture the subform control DoublClick event or even the Doubleclick event of the subform itself.

Anyone have an idea?
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1 Solution
upload a sample database, to experience the issue.
Explain what to do and what to expct.
GNOVAKAuthor Commented:
Actually hnasr, that was a good exercise.
I created a sample that I thought was a good mimic for our environment.
I double clicked on a field and the form opened!

Now I just have to compare what could be preventing my subform from working.
I'm open to any off the cuff sugestions...like, "you didnt lock the subform did you?"
GNOVAKAuthor Commented:
This is totally wierd - I would think it is almost a bug in Access 2010
In the main form load, I did the following:
Me.frmsubResults.SourceObject = "Query.MyQuery"

If I leave that in, no matter how I set the Record Selectors, Navigation Bars, etc., They appear.
And...the double click event dos NOT work

If I comment those two lines out, everything works as it should!

Unccomment and the record selectors, etc do not honor my parameters!

Anyone else experience this , or , can explain this wierd behavior?
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You were unable to reproduce the issue with a new database.

Try a copy of the original database that has the issue.
Delete as much as you can of unnecessary objects from this copy.

If problem persists, upload this stripped off  database.
GNOVAKAuthor Commented:
see my note above. I have corrected the issue in the original form/subform.
The issue was the assignment of the subform's SourceObject.
By assigning that, as above it caused the issues. It also did not respect my subform settings.

this issue is really closed, but I'm wondering Why this occurred or if this seems like an Access bug
GNOVAKAuthor Commented:
I figured it out myself while preparing a form to upload
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