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Drupal image gallery

I'm working with an existing website that is having problems.

Basically they loaded a bunch of pictures on a page using quicktabs to separate into categories (tabs) and put on a lightbox (colorbox) to display the full image.

The problem lies that when the page loads, it loads all the images in full size and shrinks it to a thumbnail for display, so when the user clicks on this page, it has to load megs and megs of pictures and it loads very slow due to the amount of data coming through.

Client does not want pagination or a drop down menus to separate the images.

What I'm looking for is a module that loads only a thumbnail on the page and a full size picture in the lightbox.

My developer has no ideas so I'm hoping someone here can help.

Thanks in advance.
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We will need to see the page to understand the context; so post a link please.

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Hi yes, best to see the site however without seeing it here are some pointers.

You want to use image cache (Drupal 6) or Drupal 7's inbuilt image resizing to display the images as thumbnails. Next you essentially need to link the thumbnails to "the original images" however I still would not use the original images, I would set up a second image resize to something like 1024px wide unless you absolutely must display the original image, but even then I would just scale it to something larger rather than the original image if as you say they are megabytes in size.

In Drupal 7 and perhaps Drupal 6 there are settings for how content types are displayed. This is where you can choose how the images are displayed:
Structure > Content Types > [Your Content Type] > Manage Display.

Please give us the address of the site and let us know what version of Drupal it is.

Kind regards,
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We do not want to display the full size image unless the user clicks on it and then it opens up on a lightbox.

I checked the stats and it's downloading 25.6mb!

here's the link:

I believe its version 7
No offense intended, but that is a really horrible design.

Instead of jamming everything on a single page, everything should be on category or subcategory pages.

You could bring in thumbs an then use ajax to go get the full sized image, but then there would be a small delay.  In any case there would still be took much on the page.  It needs to be multiple pages with far fewer images if you want anything like a reasonable response time.

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If you are in Drupal 7, you should be able to go directly to the view if you mouse over the upper right corner of the view.