Issue Tracking for Issues that Come in on Group Email Address

I'm ready to spend money to solve a constant inefficiency with fielding incoming issues. I manage about 200 beach houses and owners send in issues on a special email address that goes to multiple people. We all work different days so we need to have it go to enough people where there is never a day lag without a response.

The problem is that we all run around asking "Did you handle Mr. Smith's leaky faucet?" to see if it still needs attention. All of the emails come into

I may be over thinking this but would Exchange Sever, Exchange Online or Office 365 allow one person to "mark" the email as "issue has been addressed" across everyone's Outlook?  Is there another product that is perfect for handling issues that I'm not aware of? It's very close to "bug tracking" so would a bug tracker be ideal for this?

I'm trying to go all Microsoft if possible. Our building burned down so we have all new Microsoft Win 7 pro Lenovos workstations and Server 2008 running active directory and a SQL database application that is specific to our industry.
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Simon Butler (Sembee)Connect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
You need a call management software tool. It will be pretty easy to adapt something that is used for technical support for your purposes, probably with light configuration. I wouldn't consider Exchange for this.

First one that comes to mind is SmarterTrack, but there are loads of others:

commfirstAuthor Commented:
I forgot to say that I also would prefer to make this happen from within Outlook if it's possible.
David Johnson, CD, MVPConnect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
Even the Help Desk in spiceworks would work..
commfirstAuthor Commented:
Thanks. I'm exploring both.
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