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Force Internet Explorer 9 or 10 to only print in black and white

I have an application that generates patient education materials and shows them in the program using Internet Explorer .  We have a color printer (A Ricoh MPC 6000) installed on a number of workstations.  All users have the printing defaults set to black and white and everything they print EXCEPT from IE will be in black and white. Somehow IE is over-riding the default printer settings and forcing color.  The result is that we don't get a printout because we have a PIN set up to use color on the printer to save $.  Is there a way to command IE to only print in B&W?  I want to avoid having to set up another printer without color capability at all.  Printing is the BANE of networking.  The weird thing is, if I print I can see that the printer is set to B&W yet color will still be forced by IE.
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In IE under File, Page Setup, there is a box:

"Print background colors and images".

Is that checked?
You must set it on your printer: (1) via printer preferences , and also (2) via printer properties (right click on printer)- > Advance Tab - > Printing Defaults -> to black and white also.
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That is the problem.  I have done this on the print server.  The printing defaults are set to print in black and white.  I set it in printing preferences and printing defaults and it has always been set this way.  I verified this on all workstations as well.  When they print from IE, you can click on the properties of the printer and see it is set to B&W.  You send the print job and it tries to print in full color and the printer rejects it.  I also verified the print background colors and images is unchecked.  It is like IE completely ignores the printer settings and commands color no matter what.  IE is also the only program that I see this behavior with.  Frustrating.
Have you tried running IE with no-addons to see if it makes a difference.
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Yes, that makes no difference.  Versions 8 9 and 10 all do it.  They are somehow over-riding the printer settings and commanding color no matter what.  If I go to the printer properties before sending the print job it clearly shows it is set to B&W.
Do you have another color printer in the office you can test to see if it occurs with that one as well?

Does IE only do this for this application or is it any app, for example if you test from MS Word you have the same issue.

Just trying to narrow down if it could be a printer driver + browser combo or app + browser?
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Unfortunately, no, this is the only multi function color printer we have.  If I test from MS Word and have a document in color, I can send it to the printer as always, meaning in B&W and it prints in B&W just fine.  This is going to be a bugger to figure out, but I appreciate your questions so far!
Yes. Frustrating and bugger, onequick6 -- but in color. ;-)
Add a pdf printer and test?  I'm out of ideas t be honest.

(1) SFC (System File Check)

(2) Repair install.
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I am not sure what I will try next.  These are new Windows 7 machines running IE 10, so I can't imagine what SFC or repair install would do.  I may have to get Ricoh involved to see how an application could possibly over-ride the driver settings.  I doubt I will get anywhere with that, though. I have verified a hundred times that the driver is set to B&W in printing preferences and printing defaults.  I have even looked at the printer properties before sending the job and it says B&W.   I can't leave it how it is because it will cost way too much money to print this patient education material in color.  I'd be happier with a penny a page rather than eight cents.
Did you try the pdf printer, just curious what the result would be.  

Also did you look for other drivers on the Ricoh site?
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