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IE script error-HELP

I had reset the advanced settings in IE per EE suggestion to my other still unanswered question and as a result now I can not open IE and sites do not display instead I get this script error see screen capture. Please I need an immediate solution to this problem. IE is main default browser and with out I am crippled. Thank you for all your help
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Hi hope you are fine?

Please go throw this KB:

Steps in the KB:

Method 1: Disable script debugging

Method 2: Test a webpage from another user account, browser, or computer

Method 3: Verify that Active Scripting, ActiveX, and Java are not being blocked by Internet Explorer

Method 4: Remove all temporary Internet files

Method 5: Install the latest service pack and software updates for Internet Explorer

Method 6: Resolve script errors when you try to print from Internet Explorer
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here is the detail of the script error. I tried the steps above it does not work.
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Just a FYI Office 2007 is no longer supported by Microsoft as of 1/8/2013.

have you tried running internet explorer with no addons?
Web Discussions is what intlband.htm is about
<!-- _lcid="1033" _version="12.0.4518" _dal="1" -->
<!-- _LocalBinding -->
<!-- saved from url=(0017)http://microsoft/ -->
<meta name="Version" content="rup"> <meta name="Microsoft Theme" content="none">
<title>Web Discussions Band</title>
<object id="cltapis"
var L_RedirectFailed_Text = "Web Discussions not correctly installed";
function Redirect()
	if (!cltapis.RedirectToLocalizedBand())
<body bgcolor=THREEDFACE onLoad="Redirect()">

Open in new window

If the issue persist then

Close all apps and then run these fixit

Restart system and check.

office 2007 works just fine knock on wood no problems. i did disable all the add ons and ie opened with no script error now i need to know which add on was responsible for this and how to get rid of it thank u my friend  ve3ofa
Help me pls
Adding to veofa accepted  solution.

Disable all addons and enable one by one to find the faulty.

That's what I am doing now once I find out what it is if it is something that I need to use how do I go about that
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@basemkhawaja64  You need to accept ve3ofa  ID: 39478052...because that helped resolve your issue.