SBS2008 backup

Please can anyone help we have a SBS2008 server and have setup the Windows Backup that came with it to do a full backup every night.

I notice that it does incremental backups as well.

As I dont trust the users to change (USB) backup drive in an ordered and regular manner, I want a full backup to occour every night, with no incremental backups in between.

Is there a way of stopping the incremental backup and only having full backups every night.
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
Windows Server Backup is "media aware" and knows what data exists in the last backup on a drive. It then creates a new backup and merges the changes. It isn't really an "incrememtal" per se, but it is a similar net effect. So there is an upside here; even if your users forget to rotate drives, there isn't a gap in required backups to do a restore. WSB always makes sure everything needed for a restore is on the disk.

As far as determining when or how this happens, no you can't do that with Windows Server Backup. Nor can you say "keep a minimum of 5 backups" or protect media. Or determine when old backups are deleted.

It is a basic solution so that IT Pros can at least make sure they are *getting* backups. But if you want any of those advanced features, MS expects you to go 3rd-party. They didn't design this solution to be robust and they don't expect it to be the "go to" solution for most shops. What it does, it actually does *very* well; as I mentioned above regarding how it tracks media and always has the latest complete backup on the disk. That actually works better than some 3rd-party solutoins that use traditional incrementals does. But it is also limited, so you have to plan your solution accordingly.


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samcoryAuthor Commented:
Thanks Cliff for the explanation that has put my mind at ease.
samcoryAuthor Commented:
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
You accepted your own comment as the solution?
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