Windows 2012 DFS

I have a Windows Server 2012 DFS configured for clients to reach it by:  \\\CORP\targets.  However, way back when people created the same domain name across 3 independent environments of  In order for some things to work we need to put a reference for to another site for websites to load correctly, so my clients have a chance of connecting to a system that does not contain DFS thereby potentially causing connection issues.  My domain is a functional level of 2008 R2.

I would like to change my domain name, but due to the complexity of that project it has not yet been completed.

I would very much like to create a new namespace server or DFS so that my domain name is NOT part of the connection.  This would thereby change my connections from \\\CORP\targets to something like \\Shark\CORP\targets (where shark is NOT a system name).

Does my namespace server have to be a domain name, or a domain member system name?  

If it has to be a system name, can I use an alias or CNAME for users to connect? For instance instead of \\nodeDFS01 it can be \\shark.  With a CNAME use i could simply change the CNAME when the server is changed and users aren't affected.

This is currently a single node for DFS with a plan to add a second node for failover.
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jmachado81Author Commented:
currently DFS:  \\\dfsroot\target
or locally as:  \\\share and \\cname\share

Trying to get \\cname\dfsroot\target to work

Am I correct in that article is stating that I create a cname for and use that cname in DFS?

alias:  bob
FQDN for target host:

Then DFS namespace server is:  \\bob\dfsroot\target
jmachado81Author Commented:
Where this is a domain DFS and not standalone DFS a CNAME would redirect to my domain controllers too.  This would work if i moved it to a standalone DFS or use simply file shares and no DFS.
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Windows Server 2012

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