variable replacement

In the code below I attempted to replace the fact that it 'looks' for a value in a cell with an input box that requests the value and all I got was an error message.

 'xRun = Range("I1") replaced with

Let xRun = Application.InputBox("Mx Number of 'combinations' ", Type:=1)

I'd appreciate it if someone can properly edit the code so that it works as intended.

Sub Drop_Runs()
Dim i         As Long
Dim j         As Long
Dim xLast_Row As Long
Dim xResponse As Long
Dim xRun      As Long
Dim xWork     As Long
Dim xArray    As Variant

    'xRun = Range("I1")
Let xRun = Application.InputBox("Mx Number of 'combinations' ", Type:=1)

If xRun < 1 Or xRun > 3 Then
    MsgBox ("Invalid ""Run"" (" & xRun & ") - run cancelled.")
    Exit Sub
End If

xLast_Row = ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Cells(1, 1).Row + ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Rows.Count - 1
If xLast_Row < 18 Then
    MsgBox ("No data found - run cancelled.")
    Exit Sub
End If

xResponse = MsgBox("About to delete rows with runs > " & xRun & "." _
                & Chr(10) & Chr(10) & "('OK' to confirm, 'Cancel' to go into Debug.)", vbOKCancel, "Drop Runs")
If xResponse = 2 Then
    MsgBox ("Used cancelled run.")
    Exit Sub
End If

Debug.Print Now()
Application.ScreenUpdating = False

    xArray = Range("B1:F" & xLast_Row)
    For i = xLast_Row To 18 Step -1
        xWork = 0
        For j = 2 To 5
            If xArray(i, j) = xArray(i, j - 1) + 1 Then xWork = xWork + 1
        If xWork > xRun Then xArray(i, 1) = "XX DELETE XX" 'Cells(i, 1).EntireRow.Delete

Range("B1:F" & xLast_Row) = xArray

Application.ScreenUpdating = True
Debug.Print Now()

MsgBox ("Run complete.")

End Sub

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RobSampsonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you remove the word "Let", does that run as intended?
Pedrov664Author Commented:
seems to run. Let me try it on a few more to confirm. What difference does taking out that word make? Could it be that simple?
I think it's basically a deprecated term:

It's not required for variable assignment.

Pedrov664Author Commented:
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