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Transaction logs filling all space on drive

The transaction logs are being generated 5-8 per second under main database folder. i took a full server back , VSS full backup after making  100 GB available out of TB , which completed successfully but it didnt clear logs.

I have to stop the information store service now other wise its going on. chewing space. i have made another 150 Gb available by moving old logs to a network share.

i been searching  for the solution today , select custom option while taking back up and then select only D drive and select full back then. that would clear logs .. i am thinking of trying that , as the D drive is 850 Gb at the moment so it will take 7-9 hours.

Any help is much appreciated..
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Do a customer backup of the exchange datastore.  This will flush out the logs once the datastore is backed up or you could if necessary enable circular logging.  If you enable circular logging the log files overwrite themselves.  This is not necessarily best practice and might want to verify your backups are solid if you wish to use it.

Understanding Circular Logging:

Circular Logging Powershell:  Set-MailboxDatabase -CircularloggingEnabled:$true
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My database and logs are being stored on same drive and secondly just a week ago i had to access back up for restoring mails and  my windows back caould see al back ups but when ever i was selecting one it was saying it cannot find any backup .. so at this point i would like  to avoid relying on backups..

so you suggetsing that instead of vss full back which inclused both C and D drive , i should select custom and the nsleect only the D drive which contains the database folder including all logs ..?
You would do a backup once.  In the link there will be another link which will take you to a guide on backing up the server in general.  It will also show you how to do a onetime backup of the exchange database in order to flush out all the logs to free up space.  Have the full backups been clearing the transaction log store?  Or are they just sticking even after the backup.  Sounds like you have a backup issue which the guide will help you with.
before the full back used to clear the logs now its not. I have just started a custom backup in which i have selected only the D drive and vss full back up ... its been 40 min , its running consistency check ......
It will take a little while depending on how many logs you have and how bloated it is
Backup ended before completion . The Handle is invalid

I get these two errors :  
ID 9782

Exchange VSS Writer (instance 37adfa2e-bbca-43f2-b4cb-3940055d5c7f:1) has completed the backup of database 'Mailbox Database 0345837017' with errors. The backup did not complete successfully, and no log files were truncated for this database.

Id 517
The description for Event ID 517 from source Microsoft-Windows-Backup cannot be found. Either the component that raises this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupted. You can install or repair the component on the local computer.

If the event originated on another computer, the display information had to be saved with the event.

The following information was included with the event:


Any help please
Try not including the system state with the backup (if you did already) and if necessary disable your AV if any
I excluded the system state in this back up and AV is already disabled .
What version of exchange are you currently using Sp1, Sp2, or Sp3?
exchange 2010 14.02 sp2 . It used to work fine. do you reckon reinstalling the windows backup component might help
version 14.2 build 247.5
Was there any recent updates to the exchange server (perhaps a rollup or anything?)  You could try re-doing the backup component for something is failing and I believe that is why your having an issue with exchange because its not purging the logs.
I have removed and re-added the Windows Backup comp and then did a custom back up again but it failed after doing 139 gb saying invalid handle ... the windows has not done any updates... as well
and i have noticed my block level backup engine service has stopped...
What are the details of the error?
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I have tried this and it worked