image not displayed (Relative path of image)

For some reason I can't seem to get the image to display.  In the layout page I have used the following variations for the image.

<img src="/Content/Images/image2.jpg" />
<img src="/../Content/Images/image2.jpg" />
<img src="../Content/Images/image2.jpg" />
<img src="http://" & Request.ServerVariables("MyServer") & Request.ApplicationPath & "/Content/Images/image2.jpg"
<img src="<%= ResolveClientUrl("Content/images/image2.jpg") />

I've even used the absolute path:

<img src="" />

Nothing I do seems to display the image.  looking at the folders of C: it's:


going through IIS:

ServerName\Sites\Default Web Site\SiteName\Content\Images\image2.jpg
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Are you having this problem with your published site or do you get this when testing your code.
Steve7423Author Commented:
With the published site.  everything works fine on my dev machine.  when I publish to the server that's when it fails.
Can you simply right click on the image and copy the source the browser indicates the image is loading from ?
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Steve7423Author Commented:
opening the site the image doesn't display.  I Right click the image on the main screen and here's the url path:


this is what I have in the _layout cshtml (view).  As you can see I've tried a couple different methods with no luck.

<img src="/Content/Images/image2.jpg" />

@*<img src="http://" & Request.ServerVariables("WebSvr-www1") & Request.ApplicationPath & "/Content/Images/image2.jpg"

<img src="<%= ResolveClientUrl("Content/images/image2.jpg") />*@
Steve7423Author Commented:
I soved it !!

dang ! i was doing it wrong.  This is what it should have been.

<img src="@Url.Content("~/Content/Images/image2.jpg")" />

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Steve7423Author Commented:
Someone in my office helped me find the solution.
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