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I need to erase the hard drives of about 15 computers that we will be donating. I tried using Darik's Boot and Nuke (DBAN) and it worked great (took forever) on the first computer I tried, but didn't work on any of the other one's. I tried create a new boot disk and all that good stuff, but no dice. Does anyone know of a different solution. Thanks in advance.
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Frosty555Connect With a Mentor Commented:
It might be more fruitful to remove the hard drive from the computers and connect them to another computer. Then you can use a utility like CCleaner's Drive Wiper to wipe the contents of the drive.

If you've got a decent desktop PC you can do this on, you can probably put multiple hard disks into the computer and wipe them simultaneously.

Alternatively there are other boot CDs you can use:
Use "Eraser": >
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
Just download the ISO for Seatools for DOS [ ]

... burn it to a CD => then boot the CD on each system and you can write zeroes to the hard drive.    This isn't a DoD 5220.22M secure erase ... but it certainly renders the systems effectively unusable.
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... but didn't work on any of the other ones.

That may be a BIOS configuration problem.  Have a look in the BIOS and see what the hard drive interface is.  If you can make it ordinary ATAPI or IDE if it is set to something else.
I have used a program put out by IBM, we use this program to wipe the drives of systems removed from various banks. If the application is good enough for the bank I am sure it would meet your needs as well. The program is called Secure Data disposal or SDD for short. You can download it from the Lenovo site:

You can wipe the whole drive which can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour depending on the size of the drive or you can wipe the portion of the drive that gives information of how the drive is configured, if this information is gone data is not normally recoverable.

Of course if someone badly wanted to recover your data, they can still use expensive software to recover the data. If data is that sensitive you may need to shred the drive.  People can use software to recover data from a drive that is even formatted, or written with zeros, by repositioning the heads slightly. This is why people over write the drive several times with nonscence characters.
you said : it did not work on other PC's
provide a bit more info here : what happened?  could you boot from the cd - or not?
what error or display screen you got?
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