Testing your site in all browsers

I have a Macbook running 10.8.4 with Parallels 8 running Windows 7

Is there a App or a way to set up my computer so I can test my web sites on all browsers like IE 7, 8, 9...?
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Jackie ManCommented:
You can try IE NetRenderer.


"IE NetRenderer allows you to check how a website is rendered by Internet Explorer 9, 8, 7, 6 or 5.5, as seen from a high speed datacenter located in Germany. Just type in a URL in the field above and try it out - it's free!

Unlike other screenshot services, we are able to process a large number of capturing jobs in parallel and in realtime, making it the fastest service that we know of. Rendering speed should be comparable, if not faster than your local browser. We must, of course, wait until the very last picture element has been completely loaded before we can even start capturing the page, which makes your local browser appear to be faster.

This web rendering tool is ideally suited for web designers working on Apple iMac and Linux workstations. It allows to verify web designs natively on all popular Internet Explorer versions, without the need to set aside several physical or virtual Microsoft Windows PCs just for that purpose.

A unique Mixed Overlay and Difference Mode helps to identify even subtle positioning discrepancies between IE6 and IE7 by adding or subtracting both images and displaying the result. Screenshot images are always 100% original size and a ruler marks maximum usable viewing widths on 800x600 and 1024x768 displays, taking into account the browser scrollbar."
Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
For Internet Explorer .. I've used these 2 applications which give you working versions of these browsers in your VM
IE Collection  - http://utilu.com/IECollection/
IE Tester - http://www.my-debugbar.com/wiki/IETester/HomePage

Both will run under Windows 7 and support previous versions of Internet Explorer

Alternatively you could use a service like Spoon - http://www.spoon.net/browsers/ to access an online Browser
or use a snapshot preview service like these
http://browsershots.org/ (all major browsers)
http://netrenderer.com/index.php (IE only as jackieman mentions)

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overcolorAuthor Commented:
I found the best way was to use
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