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Hello everyone,

One of our senior management user got a new ASUS Laptop Windows 8, Since the user requires all his files to be accessed outside our network. i purchased Any time upgrade & installed on the laptop. After joining in the Domain the user profile loads perfectly (within the Private network) but when i disconnect the LAN cable immediately all the files on her desktop disappears and prompts a message saying \\server name\Folder Name\Users\username\Redirect   "Cannot access"

Could some please help me how to fix this issue as i am under full pressure and hardly got a day to fix this
Satheesh AgatheeswaranSystems & Network AdministratorAsked:
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Rob MinersConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Interesting article here.

Roaming Profile Compatibility The Windows 7 to Windows 8 Challenge
Kent DyerIT Security Analyst SeniorCommented:
Sounds like you have a default roaming profile setup for your users.  You need to start looking on your DCs for the profile.  If it does not exist, you need to be absolutely sure roaming is turned off for this user and domain replication has completed.

Then, starting with the user's "my Documents" you and right-click on the folder, and then take off the  \\server name\Folder Name\Users\username\Redirect and change it to C:\users\username\documents and you should be able to do the same thing for Pictures, favorites, desktop, etc.    If you have to do this for Outlook a bunch of PSTs - this is where it gets tricky.

But, let's start with the Documents, Pictures, etc.

If you want to be absolutely sure, login to her machine as you - assuming you don't have roaming turned on and you should be able to piece this back together for her.


Satheesh AgatheeswaranSystems & Network AdministratorAuthor Commented:

Actually the user wants the roaming profile to be working, the concern is with windows 7 the profile loads even with the network disconnected but Windows 8 unloads the complete profile
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
Sounds like a problem with offline files.  on the machine are the settings for offline files (sync center)..

Space set too small? You may have to sync the files manually and wait until the sync is complete.  Or you don't have a partnership setup.. Check Control Panel| Sync Center
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