Performance in the Hyper-V environment gets sluggish on Saturday morning


I have Hyper-V environment running an application.  It had been running for 3 years.  I never had any slow performance issue on Saturday until a US client started using our application.  Every Saturday morning from 2.00am - 3.00am.  The performance on the application is really poor.  Unable to do anything.  A new user can not login.  But when this spell is over, everything becomes normal.

Initially I thought it is weekend backup or SQL maintenance.  But I moved everything from this time.  Now there is no backup or SQL maintenance running at the moment.  However, this slow performance spell still happening.

I want to check here if there is any other parameter in the Microsoft Hyper-V environment which really causing this issue.

Can someone guide me in this

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elawConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks Totallytonto.

You wrote: "This activity could be on the Host or the VMs (unless you have resource limits/throttling setup to prevent individual VMs from slowing everything else down)" - Please let me know where I could check this.  I have checked everywhere.

The obvious things no backups, AV scan, update.  I will set up some performance monitoring.
JaihuntConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check any anti virus scan or schedule tasks or any disk cleanup activity running at the time.

Also you can use Process explorer or process monitor or Windows resource monitor to see what uses high CPU , memory at the period of time
SteveConnect With a Mentor Commented:
As the issue occurs at a specific time/day it does suggest regular activity is occurring that is slowing it all down.

This activity could be on the Host or the VMs (unless you have resource limits/throttling setup to prevent individual VMs from slowing everything else down)

You can check the obvious (backups, AV scans, updates, indexing) but it may be simpler to set up a few basic performance monitors on the servers/hosts so you can pin it down a bit first.

if you can establish which server is causing the slowdown, and whether the slowdown in CPU/memory/disk based, you should be able to narrow it down pretty quickly to a process.
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you'll need monitoring to narrow it down a bit. set up basic monitors on the hosts & VMs to get yourself started and then concentrate on what you find.

In the VM settings, you can limit basic elements of the system (cpu usage, memory weighting) to balance load for more important servers.
elawAuthor Commented:
elawAuthor Commented:
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