outlook ost

at work I'm having a problem with outlook 2010 and calendar slow response.
at first i thought it was just outlook, but the more info i get, it appears to be mostly the calendar that is slow.
I started looking into slow calendars in outlook 2010, and keep seeing things about removing the ost file and having outlook rebuild the ost file. I thought the ost file was created when you use cache mode. also, i found that i should go to
to find the ost,
however, the user i am trying to help doesn't have the ost there.
so i searched the entire drive and still no ost
so i looked on her network share, and still no ost.
Is it possible the the ost is on the exchange server?
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Nick RhodeIT DirectorCommented:
no, it is most likely hidden.  The default spot is in the article where you can remove all the garbage.  Its for clearing the outlook cache


Follow the instructions for cleaning out the cach and you will find the .ost file there.  As always with exchange I do recommend cache mode for when its cached to your system you reduce resources used and if exchange were to go down, you have the email copy still on the system.

Try clearing the cache to see if that helps your issue.  Otherwise, remove the outlook profile, remove the files and recreate the profile to rebuild it.

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You may exported the existing calendar item to PST and start a fresh calendar
Vijaya Babu SekarAssociate Ops ManagerCommented:
OST file is nothing but offline storage Email of Exchange server. if you disabled the "Exchange cache mode" it will not create OST file. In this scenario, outlook will directly sync to Exchange server.

OST file is not stored in Exchange server , it will stored only outlook's profile

JeffBeallAuthor Commented:
thank you for the help
so it turns out the problem was something i never heard of. it's called cached folder handling.
it different that cached exchange mode
apparently outlook 2010 handles cacheing things like the calendar differently than outlook 2007, but there is a reg hack to make 2010 behave like 2007.
i tried the hack and it works, the users aren't having the lag problems anymore.
pretty interesting stuff i thought, i'm going to try to find more info on it. this might be challenging, because a quick google search mostly shows stuff about cached exchange mode.
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