Installation of printer on a laptop

Hi Experts,

Environment -
4 PC/Laptops all running Windows 7 Pro
Server 2012 ( 1 x Host 1 x Virtual  DC)

I recently setup a server and domain with the above  specs for a client and now I have a client laptop that has given no end of trouble when it comes to adding a printer and printing.

I couldn't even logon as domain admin and fix as I kept getting access denied (argh) just trying to access My Docs.

I have been unsuccessful on many attempts to resolve this I can add a printer but

when I go to print I receive an error need to install a driver (as per attached


Short of a wipe and reload any suggestions???

thanks in advance
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lauchangkwangConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try to create 1 test user under AD and login using that problem laptop, if all the problem still the same, that means it is the laptop issue, nothing related with the user profile, try to join that laptop to workgroup, then rejoin it back to the domain and see whether it helps. Make sure the user rights and groups are assigning properly.
Nagendra Pratap SinghConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Access denied to My Docs is a different problem.

Have you installed the driver?
it_fanAuthor Commented:
Yes I installed the driver tried different drivers, different ports differtne connection methods i.e via cmd prompt, I couldn't even connect to a shared printer that the other PC's could connect to I'm at a loss!!!
it_fanAuthor Commented:
I had tried both those options but still same issue thanks for confirming time for a wipe and reload I think it is something to do with Acronis Workstation backup & recovery which never worked and could never get rid of it at least he will have a clean slate.

Will split the points for attempting to help, cheers.
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