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I got a PC with XP and MS Outlook 2003. And would like to migrate to the new PC with windows 8 and office 365 outlook.
Do not want to use the cloud service at this stage? There is no other office on new pc except 365.
Is that possible to do it or you have to have the base version of office?
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James HodgeConnect With a Mentor Managing DirectorCommented:

This includes the 'full' version of Office. All of the applications that are shown (represented by logos) here are included:

You can download Office directly from your Account.
Check out the FAQ's (under the section Download and Install Office), this will tell you where to go etc.:

All the best

James HodgeManaging DirectorCommented:

Depending on your Office 365 subscription, Your office 365 package can include a full version of Microsoft Office including licenses and download / install media.

This is how I would recommend doing it. No base version of Office is required.

Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
You can purchase Office without having to purchase Office 365, here are the different options:

Alternatively, you can also purchase individual applications (at a greater price!):
samsolutionsAuthor Commented:
Hi James,

We got Home Premium 365 with up to 5 user. Will this have the full version of office? Where can I download the full version and install on the PC?
samsolutionsAuthor Commented:
Thanks James to the point.

Good work.
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