Live link between Excel 2007 and google spreadsheet

Is it possible to create a live connection between a google spreadsheet and an Excel spreadsheet - so that changes in one are immediately reflected in the other...
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Zack BarresseCEOCommented:
As far as I'm aware, no. I stay far away from Google docs. I much prefer Excel web app.

Zack Barresse
Richard DanekeTrainerCommented:
I think you need to be a little more specific.   Where will the files be located?  
web-based documents have security issues.   Which one will be updated?
Zack BarresseCEOCommented:
@DoDahD: Are you speaking to Google docs security? I know little about that. I do know Microsoft invests a significant amount of energy into keeping their web apps as secure as the user gives rights to, which authenticates on an https protocol.

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Richard DanekeTrainerCommented:
@Zack.  They both have security and the risk of making this link will violate any worthwhile security policy as the username and password will have to be coded in the macro.

The advantage of the Microsoft option is, with single sign on, one can have access to their own files.  But this link would not work if shared with another user.  Of course, you Google account can stay signed in as well.  But, if this is only for personal use, why link the values?

So, the more I think on it, I would not recommend such a setup.
Zack BarresseCEOCommented:
I don't believe you can programmatically authenticate a SkyDrive file. Perhaps using C#/.NET/etc, but not with VBA. Unless you were going to hijack a browser object directly. In any case I certainly wouldn't recommend that. If we're talking strictly SkyDrive (no idea about Google Docs) I'd recommend SkyDrive Pro and get it to sync locally, then you don't have to authenticate anymore.

But yes, very much agreed that if you have to put username/password in code it's a security issue. The argument is tough that it's more of a security issue than what the current state of Office is (security-wise). The new file formats are a little better, but security in general is pretty much a joke.

For sharing Microsoft (e.g. SkyDrive) files, you could sync the same account on multiple PC's to work on the same file. The problem occurs if users edit the same file simultaneously. It would work much like Dropbox, which in their case just creates a copy if the file is open on another machine (while being used locally) during a sync. I had this problem on a previous project, which worked much better with good communication to who was going to edit what. :)

@agwalsh: I'm not entirely sure what the link is needed for anyway. Can you give a little background here on what you need exactly and why? It may help clear up some confusion (on my part at least).


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agwalshAuthor Commented:
Answered my question :-)
Allen FalconCEO & Pragmatic EvangelistCommented:
If you have a Google Spreadsheet that you also want to edit with Excel, you need a near real-time sync agent on the desktop.

Google Drive can do this; Gladinet is better.

It will NOT be realtime; Files will update as they are saved by each part

Gladinet supports revision history/management and can be set to notify you if another party has updated the document since your last save.
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