MVC 4 Entity & Lightbox Image Viewer?

I'm looking for a jquery plugin like Lightbox to display images from the Entity database.  It seems that many image gallery plugins use disk based image storage. Help!
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leakim971Connect With a Mentor PluritechnicianCommented:
No, I'm just saying there's no jQuery plugin doing this just some work to do on the server, the best way you found...
jQuery is run on the browser
Database run on the server
So there's NO jQuery plugin displaying image from a Database

You need :
- get data from the SQL Server
- encode the data to build a base64 encoded image
- embed the image base64 encoded in your slider template
WorknHardrAuthor Commented:
Are saying that my only option is returning the Entity model to the View and use a foreach to display each image.
WorknHardrAuthor Commented:
Thx, that heads me in the right direction...
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