How to create SQL database for Citrix?

Anyone know what I need to do allow permissions from one server to another to be able to create a database?  Could someone review this citrix post?
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Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
if you have sql running on another machine, make sure you enable tcp/ip (in properties put 1433 under the all ip addresses section) in the sql server configuration manager and allow tcp:1433 through the firewall. Then use ssms to make a login with the right permissions.
romatloAuthor Commented:
Thanks for responding!  Sounds like you may be able to help me.  :)

I have firewalls disabled on both server so 1433 should be fine.
I am logged into both servers as domain\administrator.

I installed SQL server 2012 and input domain\administrator to run as the service account.
So SQL server and SQL browser services are running and as domain\administrator.

I made sure that TCP/IP and Named pipes are enabled in sql confguration manager.

I even added the computer account of the Citrix server to the local administrators group on SQL server.

I checked security log and saw a bad login attempt for my citrix server name, but can not even get that anymore.

I also tried running the database script that is generated optionally, but bombs out for me.
I attached it in case it means something...I would rather create the database from citrix server (easier I thought).
Jim P.Commented:
Ok. I'm going to throw out a few things that you should absolutely do. Some are Windows/AD and some are for using Citrix as a web front.

A. Rename the domain\administrator account to anything else. The domain\administrator account never locks out and can be brute attacked to death. Where if you have a normal account as administrator you can set lockouts on it.

B. Never set up a SQL Server to use the domain\administrator account. Never use a SQL Server service account that has domain level admin permissions. Those are both security holes you can drive a truck through.  

C. A regular domain level user account that has local admin to the SQL Server is still a security hole but it is how I do it. Not suggested however.

D: I never used the XenDesktop. The probable answer is to change the SQL Authentication to Mixed Mode I remember the the ancient Citrix service used SQL authentication and not AD/Windows authentication.

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romatloAuthor Commented:
Thanks again!
I only used domain\administrator as SQL service accounts because I re-installed SQL thinking if I matched everything up to this login, maybe I could create the database from Citrix install (remotely).

Thanks for the useful warnings I would definitely follow in production, this is a lab test environment. :)

I am using mixed mode authentication.

Still not sure what to do, so that this Citix server can create the database remotely.

I will re-install and report back with exact configuration.
romatloAuthor Commented:
Thanks for hanging in there.  :)

Ok, I've reinstalled SQL2012 and attached configuration pics (everything else default).
I am using domain\administrator as an administrator user for now.  Just trying to get some functional test going...

I have the two servers XD7a and SQL2012, both logged in to Windows server as domain\administrator, firewalls disabled (GPO).

What are the next steps to allow XD7a server to create a database on SQL2012?
Enable SQL Browser, enable Named pipes, add XD7a computer account to local administrator group?

This article explains Citrix to database permissions, look at administrator section.  I dont know why mine is not working with domain\administrator.
romatloAuthor Commented:
Ok, I finally got the Database script to work, and database created manually.
But still get an error trying to connect to it!
Since the database is created already, it should be a different permission problem at this point?

I can ping the server, and use a troubelshooting method with telnet to verify that port 1433 is open.  I also enabled SQL Browser service and Named Pipes.  

What else could I be missing?
Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
Try to use ssms from a different computer to test.
Jim P.Commented:
Have you tried using the SA account and password instead of a domain account?
romatloAuthor Commented:
Wow, the Citrix Studio prompts for server\instance name but it works with the short name.
I was able to connect to it from a different server using ssms and also able to create an ODBC connection.

I think it must be the Citrix studio part or in general.
I think I am moving along now.

Thanks for all your help!!
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