Construct/Calculation Problem with Java Script file


I am having problems with the java script code below.  I want the calculation to multiply by the number of members, and then give the members 10% off for multiple memberships. Also give them an extra 10% off for any membership of 3 years or more. Here is my code and thanks for the help.
// membership.js
// This script calculates the cost of a membership.

// Function called when the form is submitted.
// Function performs the calculation and returns false.
function calculate() {
    // Be strict:
    'use strict';

    // Variable to store the total cost:
    var cost;

    // Get a reference to the form elements:
    var type = document.getElementById('type');
    var years = document.getElementById('years');
    var members = document.getElementById('members');

    // Convert the year to a number:
    if (years && years.value) {
        years = parseInt(years.value, 10);
        // Convert the members to a number:
    if (members && members.value) {
        members = parseInt(members.value, 10);
    // Check for valid data: 
   if (type && type.value && years && (years > 0) ) {
        // Determine the base cost:
        switch (type.value) {
            case 'basic':
                cost = 10.00;
            case 'premium':
                cost = 15.00;
            case 'gold':
                cost = 20.00;
            case 'platinum':
                cost = 25.00;
        } // End of switch.
        // Factor in the number of years:
        cost *= years;
        // Discount multiple years:
        if (years > 2) {
            cost *= .90; // 90% or 10% off for membership 3 years or more
        // Discount multiple members:
        if (members > 1) {
            cost *= .90; // 90% or 10% off for multiple members
        // Show the total amount:
        document.getElementById('cost').value = '$' + cost.toFixed(2);
    } else { // Show an error:
        document.getElementById('cost').value = 'Please enter valid values.';
    // Return false to prevent submission:
    return false;
} // End of calculate() function.

// Initial setup:
function init() {
    'use strict';
    document.getElementById('theForm').onsubmit = calculate;
} // End of init() function.
window.onload = init;

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Cannot see anything wrong, where are you seeing it go wrong?
Only thing that is confusing is do you want 10% applied after already taking 10% off or should it be a total of 20%?
RobOwner (Aidellio)Commented:
See here for a demo:

I removed the 'use strict' and it works ok now.  the document object isn't available in the script mode.
capturetheflagAuthor Commented:
Hello tagit,

Thanks for displaying the code.  I did run into a problem. When I ran the code for Years = 1, and Members = 2, and a Basic type, I got $9.00. Should it be $18? 10% 0ff for each $10 membership? thanks
RobOwner (Aidellio)Commented:
Sorry I took it your code was calculating correctly! can never assume anything :)

just added a line to multiply the number of members to the cost.

    // Discount multiple members:
    if (members > 1) {
      cost *= 0.90; // 90% or 10% off for multiple members
      cost *= members;

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capturetheflagAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help!
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