VB.NET Express and SSRS


I am using "Microsoft Visual Basic 2010" to create a database application. Is it possible and could you point me in the correct direction of how I can display a SSRS report in my application?
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ValentinoVConnect With a Mentor BI ConsultantCommented:
That's right, you can indeed also use the WebBrowser control to access the reports through the Report Server URL...

Please post back if the previous answer works though, I'm curious to find out and it will be valuable information for others :)
ValentinoVBI ConsultantCommented:
One of the options, the most common one, is to use the ReportViewer control.  You just drag it onto your form (if building a Windows Forms app that is) and configure it as expected.  Web apps are possible too.

There's some good documentation available on MSDN: ReportViewer Controls (Visual Studio)

The link above should help you to get started.  Let me know if you have any further question on this.
spen_langAuthor Commented:
Is this option available in EXPRESS version of Visual basic as I cannot see it in the toolbox...
ValentinoVBI ConsultantCommented:
Aha, "Express", hadn't noticed that in the title!  So they must have left them out on Express Edition...  But perhaps we can do something about that.  I know you can add items manually to the toolbox by right-clicking it and then selecting the Choose Items... option.  So let's try that.  Please note it may take a while before the popup window appears.  You'll hopefully find the ReportViewer controls (there are two: one for WinForms and one for WebForms) in the .NET Framework Components tab.

Now, as you may already have noticed I don't have Express edition to try this out myself so I'm not 100% sure if those components will actually be installed.  If you don't see them in the .NET Framework Components list, you could try to install the redistributable first.  It can be downloaded from the MS site: Microsoft Report Viewer 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package

I'm also not sure if this fits within Microsoft's Terms and Conditions on usage of the Express edition so you may want to investigate that too...
spen_langAuthor Commented:
OK thank you, if this is not possible I presume I could just run a webpage within my application to access the report server...
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