Internet Bandwidth and Speed

I need to Inquire about how to calculate Internet speed.

Like If I have a 20 Mbps ADSL modem. What is the Bandwidth and what is the speed I'll get?

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for XX years experienced of bandwidth testing, I found this site very good in bandwidth test,

I used it if ever I test in any area I would like to know.

good luck
Mbps stands for Mega bits per second.

The usual system that humans use is MBps which stands fro Mega Bytes per second.

1 Byte is composed of 8 bits. This means to turn Bytes into Bits just multiply by 8 and in the other way around, just divide by 8.

There could also be other measures apart from Megas

1024 Bytes = 1 Kilobyte
1024 Kilobytes = 1 Megabyte
1024 Megabytes = 1 Gigabyte
1024 Gigabyte = 1 Terabyte

And the list goes on but for internet bandwidth I'm pretty sure the previous list would be enough.

So, how do you get those 20 Mbps into a human readable number? Simple. Let's measure that in Mega Bytes per second.

8 * 1 Mbps = 1 MBps
20 Mbps = ?

So the answer is 2.5 Mega Bytes per second.

Now, how would you continue to get the answer in Kilo Bytes? Just multiply.

1 MBps = 1024 KBps
2.5 MBps = ?

So the answer is 2560 Kilo Bytes per second.
20Mbps would be equivalent to 2.5MBps. So say for instance you downloaded a file from Internet explorer or some other browser. You would see the speed as 2.5MBps download. But speed tests would more than likely show 20Mbps to make it easier to see if you are getting what you pay for.

Mbps is megabits per second
MBps is megabytes per second.

An ADSL connection will provide you with faster download speeds than upload speeds. So do not expect to get anywhere near 20Mbps for the upload. You would need to check with the ISP to see what type of upload speed is provided with the 20Mbps package.

Keep in mind with DSL that the speed you are paying for is not guaranteed. It depends on how far you are from the DSL office since the signal degrades over long distances.. For instance I am rather far away and pay for 3.0Mbps but I only get 1.0Mbps (don't get me started). If I were you and were getting new service I would ask them to set it up first and see what you are provisioned for and run a speed test to see what type of speeds you will be getting.

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