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2005 SQL Pivot

I am trying to pivot years but the years are not showing up
User generated image
Here are the results from both Queries the second one just has first inside with pivot
 User generated imageyears are missing

What did I do wrong or what am I missing
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Brendt Hess
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The problem is with the SELECT field list.  You need to include the individual years being reported on in the SELECT.  As shown in an example from BoL:

SELECT VendorID, [164] AS Emp1, [198] AS Emp2, [223] AS Emp3, [231] AS Emp4, [233] AS Emp5
FOR EmployeeID IN
( [164], [198], [223], [231], [233] )
) AS pvt

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Away from Computer with code but yes, I did include every combination on list I  will try to post later of tomorrow morning

Still did not work






from (

Select sr.SubmissionName

, sc.LineCount as ReportTotal

, isNULL(dos.FirstDOS,0) as FirstDOS

, isNull(dos.LastDOS,0) as LastDOS

, cast(isNull(s.[Year],0) as varchar(max))   as [Year]

, cast(isNull(s.LineCount,0) as varchar(max))  as YearlyCount

from dbo.Hedis_SubmissionReports sr

      join dbo.Hedis_SubmissionLineCounts sc

            on sr.ReportKey = sc.ReportKey

            and sc.FileID = 1

      Left Join dbo.Hedis_SubmissionDatesOService dos

            on dos.FileID = sc.FileID

                  and dos.ReportKey = sc.ReportKey

      Left Join dbo.Hedis_SubmissionCountsByYear s

            on s.FileID = dos.FileID

                  and s.ReportKey = dos.ReportKey    



pivot (MAX(p.[YearlyCount]) for p.[Year] in (








                                                                 , [2008]








                                                                  )  ) uPvt

order by SubmissionName

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