Import CVS File into Views?

I need to whip up a way to display a staff directory on my public site. 500+ names and it will grow.

I'm thinking create a 1) Content Type "staff directory", 2) Use Views and display as block or page. Which is more flexible?

3) I need to sort by column, and filter (by entering first 3 names of last name, for example)

How do I import the existing .csv file that has the data?
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oliverpoldenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can use whatever module you like, however my suggestion is the node_export module. I know it will do what you need and it's well established unlike the feeds module which is in alpha state.

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You need the node_export (yes that's correct) module to import the CSV into nodes and then create a view from those nodes:

Create a content type called "Staff Member" then a view called "Staff Directory" that uses "Staff Members" as it's content type.

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sandshakimiAuthor Commented:
What about using Feeds module to import CSV file?
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