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Add a specific folder to the User Profile Disks on RDS


I need to make a local file Roam when using UPD (User Profile Disks) on RDS 2012.

In server manager, under 'session collection' > 'properties' it gives me the option to
'Include the following folders'. Whereby i can choose specifically which folders/files i want to roam.

When i click 'Add', it asks for the path, can anyone give me an example of how i should enter the path? I cannot find any documentation anywhere.

The options are:

'Enter a location to include' <--- It's this info that i need ***
'Path type' - Either 'Folder' or 'File'

There is a note for the location: "Provide a location relative to the user profile folder".
It also says "Only files that are contained in a user profile can be included or excluded".

The actual file i need to include is:

I am just looking for the specific path/text i can enter in order for this to work.
I have already tried a couple of things with no luck.

Any ideas welcome, thanks.
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Mohammed Khawaja
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Try putting in %userprofile%\appdata\local\Microsoft\windows\apps.folder.itemdata-ms
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Tried that.
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James Cook
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