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DFS Replication on Server 2012

I am having a issue with DFS on server 2012 Datacenter.  We have 2 DC's that have DFS enabled the replication works both ways so if one server is down the changes made to our shares sync back when the other DC comes back up.  The issue we are having is with access databases users connect to both DC's at the same time and work on a shared access database at the same time.  DFS is deleting info from the databases which i need to stop I can not just move the databases to a standard share they need to stay in the present location which is on a share.   The shares are User data, Public Data, and Data Transfer all are on DFS the folder I need to remove is deep in the Public Data folder.  I can not see a way to exclude that folder from DFS or have just a one way sync on that specific folder all changes seem like they need to be done a the top level root and affect all the files and folders under the root.  Any Ideas of how i can disable DFS for specific folders or have the sync be one way on specific folders?
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Your solution seems like it is the answer the only issue I have which is what my other question was trying to get at the system was set up with DC1 and DC2 both have a copy of the file shares on them it seems that users are connecting to both DC1 and DC2 at the same time if I exclude the database's from being replicated that will fix the data overwrite but if someone is on the second they will possibly accessing older data is there a way to have a specific folder on a share replicate one direction and the rest of the share be two way?
You could try changing the targets priority - DC1 to be 'First among targets' and DC2 'Last among targets'.