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I have a user_name column in access with the following sample data.

John Smith (JSMITH)
Thomas Edison (TEDISON)

I need a SQL gives me the following output.


Please suggest.
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mbizupConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try this:

SELECT Mid([User_Name], instr(1,[User_Name],"(") + 1 ,instr(1,[User_Name],")") - instr(1,[User_Name],"(") - 1)  AS NewColumn
FROM YourTable

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winheimConnect With a Mentor Commented:
here a sample if you do not need it from a table

* Define the Value you would like to split
DECLARE @s nvarchar(100)
SET @s =  'John Smith (JSMITH)'

* declare the split token
DECLARE @sSplitPoint nvarchar(100)
SET @sSplitPoint = ' ('

* Find the position of the split token
DECLARE @iStartToSpilt int
SET @iStartToSpilt = CHARINDEX(@sSplitPoint ,@s) + Len(@sSplitPoint)

* use the substring function to split the string based on the found split token position 

SELECT substring(@s,@iStartToSpilt, Len(@s) - @iStartToSpilt)

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