Accessing Network Drives using Windows Home Basic or Home Premium

At work we have a VPN and we have found, or have come to wrong conclusion, that users working from home with Windows Home Basic or Home Premium can not map a network drive at cooperate headquarters.  Apparently this is due to domain issues and these users would need Windows 7 “Professional” or “Ultimate” Edition as a requirement to access these Network Drives. Currently users with Windows 7 “Professional” or “Ultimate" have no problem mapping these network drives

My question is simple: Is this a known limitation and if yes is there any solution that can be done on the users computer (applying or buying a patch) that will solve this problem without the user having to upgrade their entire O/S?
What is the issue specifically?

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What happens when you try to map the drive?  Is there an error or access denied.  There is a limitation with these OS's that they cannot be members of a Windows domain but to my knowledge you should be able to map a drive as long as you have the correct domain credentials.

So first thing to know is what happens (specific sequence or method used to map and error)
connect to the vpn. create a batch script to map the network drive ie
Net Use X: \\\sharedfolder /user:domain\username password

This should allow you to connect to a domain share even on a 'home' system.  Name the batch mapnetdrv.bat   if you don't enter the password behind the user name the script will prompt for the password.

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forgot run the batch after you connect to the vpn :)
LinkAuthor Commented:
@ dmwynne - Is there a difference between being a member of a Windows domain and mapping a drive?
Yes there is a big difference between a computer being a member of a domain and not.  In terms of what you need, mapping a drive is no different whether your a member of the domain or not so you can get access to the files on the domain by mapping the drive.
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