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Good afternoon, I am trying to pull a transaction report from a server. The company (a vendor of ours) sent me an XML "request" and a "response" XML file. I know nothing about XML, what do I need to retrieve the report?

I have attached the two files.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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Chris LuttrellSenior Database ArchitectCommented:
Are you wanting to read/query that xml data, load it into a table or be able to generate it from existing data in your database?  What do you mean by "retrieve the report"?  You are not giving us much to go on.
DollarBillIAAuthor Commented:
Sorry. This vendor dropships product for us all day. At day's end they generate a report that details the status of each order. I need to grab it off their server and pull it somewhere (database, txt file, etc. (not sure of the options)) so that I can review it each morning to check for any orders that didn't process properly.

Sorry for the vagueness, this is new to me.

Thanks for the help.

The 'request' and 'response' files are examples of a "web service"

I believe it is the vendors intention that you will send a daily 'request'
and each request you will alter the dates in the request: perhaps to 'yesterday'

When their system receives the request, it will look-up the information about your account and reply with those details in that xml format.

What you do with that information is up to you, but the most typical approach would be to load that data into one or more database tables. You might even just load the raw xml into a single field of a table, then post-process it from there. (or just query it using xml query features). This is usually referred to as "consuming a web service".

If all of this is utterly new to you, you may need assistance.

This may help:
assuming you are using sql 2008, here is a video (6.2Mb .wmv) on "consuming a web service" using SSIS 2008
by Jamie Thomson

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DollarBillIAAuthor Commented:
Perfect, definitely over my head right now as I just finished the video, but I'll grab a book and see if I can get it figured out!

Thanks for the help, hope you have a great day!

Books are a great choice! Good Luck with it, and thanks. Paul
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