TCP/IP over RS-232


I am trying to access an IR camera through RS-232. This works well with a direct connection with for instance Teraterm but I have problems with TCP/IP. The access with a terminal works fine but I would like to use the built-in web-server, ftp server and Telnet server in this camera.
In the past our Company had a "modem" driver which turned the camera into a virtual TCP/IP unit but this driver is no longer compatible with recent Windows versions.
Does anybody have an idea how to solve this and get access to the web server over RS-232? I would prefer a software solution instead of an RS-232 hardware solution.
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agonza07Connect With a Mentor Commented:
How about running the software on a virtual machine, like XP mode or something.
You can always use Remote Desktop, comes build in practically all Windows.
Then access camera over RS232, once you on local machine.
I would assume you use is for basic management commands, sets parameters and so on.
Other solution you can , if you really need to use "old software" is running as "right click"->"properties"->"compatibility"->> set "run this program in compatibility mode for ...." and choose previously working Windows version.
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