Show Identity of Person Reserving a conference room

Have configured a bunch of conference rooms to use the Room scheduling feature in Outlook 2010 on Exchange 2010.  Seems to work fine except for one thing.  When someone goes to reserve a conference room they cannot see the name of the person who reserved it, in case there is a conflict.  So how can  you configure Exchange to show the name of the person who scheduled a meeting so that others can see it if they are not part of the original meeting invitation?
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dmwynneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The room is just  a user mailbox so you can modify he free / busy pemissions to show this.
Herb-AvoreAuthor Commented:
So if I understand this correctly the Free/Busy Calendar permissions that reveal the scheduler are set in the Calendar properties for the conference room itself?  So I would need to login via Outlook to each Room account and set the Calendar properties there?
That is correct, the "room" is really a mailbox on Exchange.  So you could use the Exchange mgmt shell to add the permission, or you could do it by logging into Outlook webaccess, through an outlook profile or give yourself full permissions on the mailbox, add the calendar and set the permissions there.
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Because the room is actually a mailbox, really depends on how the users are setup or instructed on making bookings in the calendar

If you give users full access to the mailbox/calendar
If the users are opening the Conference Rooms calendar and making a direct booking...

You not going to be able to see who created the booking
reason being is they have full access to it
Which means they are allowed to add direct bookings as if they were the Meeting Room

This would be evident if you open any meeting, then look at the schedule
Whos name is at the top line listed as the organizer?
Is it the name of the meeting room?

If you see the name of the meeting room in the top line as the organizer, someone has made a direct booking in it

If this is the case theres several way to fix this, and they are all user training

- If making a direct Booking Users Must Include themselves as an attendee
- If making a direct booking users must put their name or initials in the meeting details as a contact

- last resort, should users continue to make direct bookings without identifying whos made the booking

Remove their permissions
As a result they must create a booking in their calendar and invite the meeting room
This will list them as their Meeting organizer

Anyone viewing the schedule of the meeting, will then be able to identify the organizer
Should they have any questions
Just to clarify my last post.  When I refer to setting the permissions, I mean give your self full access, then edit the free / busy calendar permissions for the rooms to allow users to see the details.  It is all explained in the link I posted.
Herb-AvoreAuthor Commented:
I am not getting this.  I changed the permissions on the Outlook Calendar for the Meeting room to Reviewer Full and I still see only basic info-- the time and name of conf room but but not who scheduled it.  Also annoying is that the default for all meetings seems to be Tentative.  What's with that?  Oy.
Are the appointments in the calendar actually being opened, to be viewed?
When open if you go the Scheduling assistant button in the ribbon
You should see all those invited to the meeting and the organizer at the top.

Also if using reviwer full to apply permissions on a calendar, can be trickey depending on what permissions users may have in AD or even other permissions the may be set for them as a delegate in the conference room mailbox

Open the Conference room in an outlook Profile
Go to Delegate settings
Add youself as a Delegate on the calendar with Permissions on the Claendar
Reviewer, Editor, or Author
Also while here check the free/busy settings
Make sure at least 2 months of free busy is getting pushed out

Now go back to your outlook profile
Check the calendar and have a look at an appointment that's in the next two months
You should see more detail
Try going through this guide and making sure your environment is setup similar:
Herb-AvoreAuthor Commented:
It's working now.  I'm wondering if it was just a replication problem and I was not patient enough.  Thanks so much!
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