Trouble with Word 2010 Mail merge, showing 15 decimal places

See the following shot:

Notice that the prices shows as 117.99000000000001      instead of $117.99

Here is the original data in Excel:

Where you can see how I have formatted it.

First of, the number is indeed 117.99. That is correct. I don´t know how the 0.000000000000001 got added on. But whatever.

Even if the number WERE  117.99000000000001, there must be a way either in Word or Excel to round that to two decimal places.

What am I doing wrong? It appears like this for every record in the database.

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you could try this

or have a helpers column with this formula
=TEXT(R2, "#.00")

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helpfinderIT ConsultantCommented:
It could be because you have cell formatting set in your excel as Currency with 2 decimals so in fact there is 117.99000000000001 but because of formatting set for that cell you see 117,99.But word takes whole cell and does not look at formatting.
you can edit your excel to have all numbers with 2 decimals (round or rouondup, depends what you prefer) or you can set this formatting in merged word document using Alt+F9 (see more here
greghollAuthor Commented:
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