Unable to Connect Java App from Citrix Presentation Server

Hi all,

I have a tiny piece of a project.  I'm trying to deploy an Appworx/UC4/Atomatic Application scheduling app at a hosting facility.  A lot of the work was done by others.  We have two clustered Citrix servers.  I don't have admin.   When a connection is launched from the desktop of either of these two servers by an admin user it properly displays the login screen to the console with no errors.  Java logging is enabled and displays no errors.

When the console is launched from my companies launch page on the presentation server it errors and fails launch the console.   I am trying to figure out whether or not there are separate java settings for our presentation server than from the Citrix administrators desktop within the firewall.  We have opened the ports required on the two clustered Citrix servers.  That doesn't seem to make them available to the presentation server.
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DonFreemanConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
The problem has been fixed.  The way it was described to me was that the way the program was configured to launch was incorrect.  It needed to launch a browser window and then execute the program within the browser window.  Instead it was calling the application directly.
any error message comes out..my exp is that mostly ...is your java app support session mode. e.g. u r using the citrix server 's java or some jar on the network path?

some java program depend on coding not support session mode of terminal service.

u can put all th java to network and launch it though network to compare.
There is not really enough detail here to be sure what is happening, but there are a number of isolation steps you can take.

1. Can you run it from a published desktop from the Citrix servers (I am assuming this is a XenApp deployment)>
2. Can the admins run it from a published desktop?

This will help determine if it is a permissions issue.  

Another typical scenario is if the administrator installed Java without being in Install mode.  If that is the case, it will run properly for the administrator who installed Java, but not for the other admins (or any other user).

Does the program use an embedded java (as barrykfl posted)?  In these circumstances, sometimes, it is necessary to potentially turn off windows redirection for the executable, or to copy the files to the user's home directory under %homedrive%%homepath%\Windows, or even just put the full application to the user's home directory.

DonFreemanAuthor Commented:
We solved the problem by properly configuring the link displayed on the presentation server.
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