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AIX - Command against flat file

I have a flat file with a list of users. I want to be able to run lsuser or groups command against the list of users in my flat file and output it to a file (neatly of course). Can someone help?
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It did not work correctly.

while read user;
    groups $user
  done  < flat_file > output_file

It only outputted the user's primary group.

Also, when I ran the scrip it displayed "stty: standard input: A specified file does not support the ioctl system call."

How do I get it to provide the output every group for the user?
What do you mean by run against?
Do you mean something like this?
xargs xargs -n 1 groups < flat_file
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Thank you the previous command you gave me worked. It was a typo on my end. Thanks!
What does flat_file contain? Should be one user per line and you should avoid empty lines.

"groups" always displays all groups of a user.

What do you see with

groups root

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yes, flat file has one user per line.

It worked...was a typo on my end.