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Recently one of our clients vendors updated their webpage, and as a result, all clients of theirs would need to upgrade their browser to IE9 or use Google Chrome. Our client is on Server 2003, which only allows us to run up to IE8, so Chrome was our only option. What were seeing was that mostly text was resolving on the webpage, and things were not fully functional. We went though various troubleshooting steps to resolve this: reset settings to default, clear cache, flushdns, compatibility mode. All of it, no dice. So we went out on a limp and made public DNS primary and local secondary. This fixed the issue with the website, so we made the change to DHCP, and went on our way. The next day, our client reported slow log in times, and multiple SQL applications were not functioning normally. We changed the local DNS back to primary, and public back to secondary and those problems disappeared. Of course, as a result of that, the website cannot be accessed within the network. Does any one have any idea what the issue might be or how to fix it, or is our only real option to upgrade the server. Thanks!
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vcsguruConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
We were able to put in a manual DNS forwarder and this resolved the issue
Mohammed KhawajaManager - Infrastructure:  Information TechnologyCommented:
With respect to DNS, you should be using internal DNS for both primary and secondary.  If the primary DNS fails then the client will continue to use the secondary until secondary fails and then it will try the primary DNS again.  Your configuration could lead to long logons, inability to authenticate and use internal applications.
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vcsguruAuthor Commented:
We have already reverted the DNS back and the logon times are fine, but any of the users behind the server are not able to properly load the site no matter which browser they are using (IE9, Chrome, Firefox) the page will only load what looks to be a Site Map and they are not able to navigate the site.

This appears to be a DNS issue as changing the DNS servers resolves the parsing errors, so is there a way to configure DNS within the domain to bypass the primary server for a specific site?

Again we are currently running server 2003 SBS, fully patched, and all WS's are Windows 7 with IE9 and generally at least one other browser.

I have attached screenshots of how the site looks from within the network and how it looks everywhere else as well for reference.

Thanks in advance.
vcsguruAuthor Commented:

We are having the same issues across all browsers, it is not just limited to Chrome., but thanks for the link.
vcsguruAuthor Commented:
I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

No answers were received and we worked around with a totally different resolution
vcsguruAuthor Commented:
The DNS forwarder bypassed the local server which was what was causing the issues
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