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install Informix sdk driver on Ubuntu 12.04

i am trying to install the informix CSDK files on an Ubuntu box. i have the file downloaded and in a folder i can see.  how do i initiate the install? I am new to Ubuntu and not able to find any easy instructions. the file is located in /home/usr/downloads folder. it is named
clientsdk.4.10.FC1DE.AIX5L.tar. my end goal is to install the VOIP monkey Wallboard. stuck at this point now.
2 Solutions
I am guessing there is a .gz at the end of this file.  Go to the location of the file at the command line using cd <directory name> to change directories just like in dos then type
tar -zxvf <filename>  

the file name probably ends in .tar.gz

This should unpack the zip file

You can type ls -l to view the unpacked files.  There should be an executable file somewhere in there that you just need to run from the command prompt by typing the filename and hitting enter
cj_cbAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the response, i see the unpacked files in screenshot below but how do i initiate the install for the installclientsdk file. I believe this is the installable after the unpack.
Rajesh NandanwarCommented:
You've got the wrong package. it's for AIX. Please install Informix Client SDK Developer Edition for Linux x86_64, 64-bit named clientsdk.4.10.FC1DE.LINUX.tar from  http://goo.gl/d3CQWP
Is this for x86 or 64bit?

Type in 'uname -a' to find out the correct OS architecture.
Rajesh NandanwarCommented:
the link I posted above is for is for 64-bit.

For 32 bit (x86) go to http://goo.gl/95Y3ux
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