Outlook not autoupdating - Exchange 2010

Just recently in the last week or so users have been noticing that they don't get new emails in their inbox unless they either manually update the folder or they close and re-open outlook.

I've confirmed this on a test account I have there as well. Outlook is a mix of 2010 and 2013 clients.

The only change recently made was we had taken the default exchange 2010 mailbox and split it out to 3 different mailboxes. Migrated all the user accounts to one of those 3 new databases, then migrated off the abritation accounts and removed the default database from within the exchange console. However, I wouldn't think that would be causing this issue. Also I should mention online mode seems to work fine and mail to mobile devices is fine.

I don't really see anything in the event logs to indicate what might be happening. A

Looking at the connection status of outlook, everything shows connected.

Any ideas?
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themightydudeConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Rebooting the server resolved this.
Have you checked the send/receive settings on the accounts?
Are they set in a GPO?
Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
Outlook with Exchange doesn't use the send/receive settings at all. All that does is force the connection across.
The usual reason for this is something is blocking the traffic. Outlook/Exchange is actually push - where Exchange tells Outlook something has changed and it then looks for the change.

Main reason for the failure is AV software blocking the traffic.
The database work shouldn't have caused the problems. Is the server fully up to date?

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themightydudeAuthor Commented:
send / receive settings aren't set in GPO.

The Send/Receive settings look fine to me...I have another exchange account (to a different domain) on my outlook and it's working fine.

I'm going to reboot the server tonight just for the heck of it.
themightydudeAuthor Commented:

The server is up to date within a week or so. At least with the critical updates.

THis is happening to all clients even those on the local LAN with no firewall in between, and everyone is running Symantec for AV.

Looking out the outlook connection status, it shows everything is connected.
themightydudeAuthor Commented:
Fixed by rebooting
Had a service of the server stopped and failed to restart?
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