Exchange 2003 to 2003 connectors and outgoing ports

I am attempting to add an Exchange Server 2010 to my domain and run alongside the Exchange server 2003 then remove the 2003 Exchange server from the network.

When running the MSPDA I get 3 warnings.
1-      Indicating that I am currently using a smart host to route outbound messages.  (SMTP is configured to route all messages via smart host ''. Remove this option if this SMTP instance wil be set as the source or target transport server of a routing group connector between Exchange Server 2010 and an Exchange Server 2003 routing group.
2-      The outgoing port for SMTP server '1' on server has been changed from the default of 25. Exchange Server 2010 can only use port 25 for routing messages between servers. Current value: 2525
3-      Before introducing Exchange Server 2010 into this topology, the 'SuppressStateChanges' configuration parameter should be set to '1' on server This parameter is essential if you plan to create multiple connectors to the dedicated Exchange 2010 routing group.

Do I need to change these settings while I do the migration or is there a way to get around this as I do not want to disrupt mail service if possible?

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SteveConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you need to plan for the disruption these changes will cause before going ahead.

1 & 2 should be resolved before going ahead.
Identify why the smtp port has been changed and who it would affect to change back to 25.
if you are using it for a a specific purpose you may choose to keep it at 2525 and change the new server to accept mail on 2525 instead of the usual 25
with regard to the smarthost, you may need to remove the overriding setting in the SMTP server's settings and setup a more limited one as a send connector instead.

3 can be done just before you go ahead and install.
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