new to wordpress - how to put custom content in a theme element that displays posts.


I am new to wordpress and I've got to create a site for a customer where they use wordpress as a CMS. The customer has 2 types of content: static pages where they would like to edit the content and news items. I am guessing that I create a 'page' for each static page and the customer can then edit the fixed content using the admin panel. I also presume that the news items would be represented as posts?

Is this the general way things are done because my question is based on this assumption.

I have downloaded a theme which has a slider bar. This slider bar displays posts and you can select the post category and number of posts to go in it. It shows the post title and the featured image for each post. I don't want to put posts (or news items in the context of my site) in the slider, i want to put some nice advertising stuff. So in order to do this I would create 'dummy posts' with the featured image and title set to my advertising image and slogan respectively. This posts could belong to a category 'dummy' while news items could belong to category 'news'. The slider category would then be 'dummy posts.'

Does that sound the right way to do it as i feel like I am missing something. As I said, I've not used wordpress before and naturally it is geared towards blogging with posts and comments but I'm not using it for this purpose

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You can use Plugin "Quick Adsense" to insert Google Adsense or any Ads code into a post or page or into a Widget in any Sidebar.

Yes, what you're saying is correct: you can create different Categories to show up (or not) in different parts of your customer site. If, for example, your theme/template has a way to show different content (static or animated, as in sliders) on the front page, you can select which from which Categories (or even from which Pages, if using static pages instead of Posts) to show in each front page section.

In the same way, you can create that dummy category (or "Advertising", or "Slider", or "Featured") and see if your template supports just showing that category in your slider.

Another way would be to use Pages: you create one first Page, leave it empty, and then create your content pages *under* the first Page, so you can find them in the list of pages more easily. Then you create a custom Menu (go to wp-admin/nav-menus.php) and select just the pages you need, avoiding the Slider Pages.

If the theme/template gives you the choice to select which Posts to show where in your site, go with Posts and Categories. If it doesn't and all your posts are showing in your news/blog and rss feed, then go with Pages and control them in the custom Menu.

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