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Hello Experts,

I'm looking for some ideas for creating a symbol/icon that represents a "Hug". I'm using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop but I'm running into a brick wall for ideas :(

Any ideas are welcome, I'm also a beginner to Illustrator so take it easy on me with big Illustrator words :)
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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Well I'll post some guides for illistrator as i dont use it.
I'd look in the logo areas asp_net2
try youtube
I use coral PSP  Paint Dot net
Have a few different tools especially when you get tired learning Illistrator and just want a bit of fun simple
Get yourself paint dot net and use the drawing tool, what's so good about it is you can bend the lines or just draw
it's free. Brilliant
But of course you need ideas
Piant dot net used here
I made this one using several line bended them added two circles then saved it, this is only a rough cast
added it to my paintsop pro and flood filled it black
A line Hug silouettepaint dot linesmake the basic outline then use your illistrator tools to make it look it good smoother
Like take two circles one bigger than other remove half the top rub it out
 on each then they look like two sets of arms put two heads at the center
rough cast for ideas
simple lines2 circlesPadas 's web link is exactly what I was thinking about simple lines.
Where did you want to use it like stationary? on paper?
Give us your feed back and I'll show you more as well the other experts
asp_net2Author Commented:

I'm not worried about an image but perhaps a symbol that represents a "Hug". I seen so far that a "Hug" represents the following below when people send it in a text but not sure people will reference that as a "Hug" symbol.

{ }

(( ))
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Ahh ok.
{ }
(>^_^)> <(^.^<)

No point trying to make your own up when the emoticon ones are widely known.
Scott Fell, EE MVEDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
>'m also a beginner to Illustrator so take it easy on me with big Illustrator words
Of course, I am a left brainer but my right brained friends tell me it is not the software that makes the design, it is the your thoughts.    Put down the keyboard and start sketching ideas on paper.

It's not always easy as you think.  You might try iStockphoto for inspiration.

Once you get your sketch the way you like it, then go back to the keyboard.  

Keep  in mind what you may need for print will be completely different then web.  My right brain friends also tell me to get your graphic looking good in one color before you start adding color.  I have seen people use those freelance sites where the "designers" do what the client wants rather then what is best and end up with a full color graphic that can not stand on it's own.
asp_net2Author Commented:

I found a font that represents the persons color they like, personality, and etc.. So I think I'm just going to use there name in a font that I found as their logo instead of an actually logo itself.
Sounds good, please remember to close your question /delete it if you like
Regards Merete
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