need to add single server to access list.

I have an access list below, that has subnets rejected. i need to allow one ip in one of the declined subnets (it is a printer).

Current list

Extended IP access list vlan105-acl
    10 deny ip any (3 matches)
    11 deny ip any (98 matches)
    12 deny ip any
    13 deny ip any
    14 deny ip any
    15 deny ip any
    16 deny ip any
    17 deny ip any
    19 deny ip any
    20 deny ip any
    21 deny ip any
    50 permit ip any any (993 matches)
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moorenetworkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First you need to re-order the access list
ip access-list resequence vlan105-acl 10 10  
#the above command will renumber the ACL
#now to add the permit statement before the subnet deny
ip access-list extended vlan105-acl
28 permit ip host
cj_cbAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the response, but not able to get to the address. the command 28 permit ip host was not complete. I added host.

Extended IP access list vlan105-acl
    10 deny ip any (3 matches)
    20 deny ip any (102 matches)
    28 permit ip host any
    30 deny ip any (420 matches)
    40 deny ip any (8516 matches)
    50 deny ip any
    60 deny ip any
    70 deny ip any
    80 deny ip any
    90 deny ip any
    100 deny ip any
    110 deny ip any
    120 permit ip any any (61150 matches)
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