Gateway to Gateway and a route to a separate subnet.

I work at an office that uses a gateway-to-gateway VPN between to offices.  Each office subnet is and  We are working on implementing a cloud solution using a gateway solution to a remote network  Users from the main office at can access hosts on, but users from the network can't even ping any host from the  I tried adding a route to the for,, Gateway:, hop count of 10, but I still cannot ping any host on the from the router.  What needs to be done to get traffic flowing from network via network to the remote cloud network  Feedback is appreciated.
cmp119IT ManagerAsked:
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Ron MalmsteadInformation Services ManagerCommented:
You added a route on your edge router to get there, but did you add a route on the device on the other end to get back? ( >
cmp119IT ManagerAuthor Commented:
So let me confirm if we do the following it ought to work then.

On router setup a route to destination:, Mask:, GW:

And then on the cloud provider setup a route to destination, Mask:, GW: or  Not sure exactly what gateway to use here, but I can play with it using different IPs.  

Please let me know if the above is similar what you're speaking of.  Thank you.
Fred MarshallPrincipalCommented:
At you need a route that points to with the next hop at
You didn't mention this one exactly.

At you need a route that points to with the next hop at
Presumably, with the VPN set up, this is already there.
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cmp119IT ManagerAuthor Commented:
On the Linksys RV042 router they have an option for Setup\Advanced routing.  Within this section you can add a route with the following options:  Destination IP, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, Hop Count, Interface (LAN/WAN/WAN2/DMZ).

I did the following Dest IP:, Subnet:, GW:, HOP: 10, Interface:  LAN.

I believe the network already has the necessary routes defined since computer between and works fine within the subnet.
Fred MarshallPrincipalCommented:
Hmmmm.  If you are using RV042s at both ends then you should read this paper.
I don't think you can make it work.  I'd be very happy to be proven wrong.

I have a similar setup using RV042 as standalone MPLS routers without using VPN.
This has one internet gateway (a separate device) at the primary site.
What I found was that the "primary site" RV042 had to have its WAN port facing the internet gateway.  Of course, if it's the gateway then this can't be.

Earlier, I also was not able to get a VPN situation like yours using RV042s to reach a2nd hop gateway on the primary LAN.  Perhaps the two are related....
i.e. launch a packet from the 2nd site that is destined for a 3rd site with a VPN interface at the 1st/primary site.  I couldn't get the hop within the primary site to work using RV042s.  
Since then folks have explained that this sort of thing should be possible but with different equipment.  I've not tried it again.
All that must be provided: subnet have to know about and have to know path to

You can accept this by this way:

subnet default route throught router - all packets to must be routed directly to tunnel (vpn) interface. Not to or NOT to IP of end tunnel interface at router

from all packets (or packets with dest ) have to be routed to (to ip address of interface or to interface that knows about subnet)  Or just use SNAT from to by using firewall at router

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