WP Clone Plugin: Error with PHP and temp file creation

Need to copy a wordpress site to another server. I'm using WP Clone and getting the error message attached to this quesiton. I've checked the permissions on both the folders and in IIS and everything is set to work like it should be but this keeps coming up.

It's a fairly large site at 3.8GB so that may be the issue but if not I would love to know if someone knows what I need to do to fix this.
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Very probably the size - others have the same problem with large sites.
Can you not just zip the directory and manually and do a backup of the db?

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telstar_Author Commented:
Yeah, that's what I'm thinking too.

I'm trying to set up an easy process for the person who is going to manage this website to follow. A plugin would be great :) but if that isn't an option then a detailed tutorial writeup for them to follow will be the solution. If it was just me it would be easy but once someone else enters the fray it can get dicey.
What is taking up all the space? Is it images or the db or...?
You can exclude directories and/or db and do them as a separate backup.
Reference new features..
telstar_Author Commented:
Nevermind. They had multiple site backups hidden in the folders that they forgot to mention. Pulled those out and the site is down to a much more normal size. WP Clone plugin worked. Thanks to all that responded so quickly.
There was only me ;o)
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