Schneider powerlogic ion enterprise monitoring software

we use Schneider powerlogic ion enterprise monitoring software in a data centre.

Every time there is an alert we would like a light to flash. maybe a strobe light? What do we need to buy? does this company sell such devices? if not are there any compatible devices?
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btanExec ConsultantCommented:
Was thinking of this instead of the below - probably the second item.

Also separately, I thought we explore different track and I took a quick look at ION 7500 / ION 7600 User’s Guide (for instance) on its alerting chapter. I am no ION expert but suggest you check with vendor to drill further below

>>The purpose of an ION alert system is to send an email or to contact a modem, fax,
pager, or software in the event of a user-specified condition. These conditions can
be changes in relays or power quality problems including surges, sags, swells and
outages. With ION alarm notification, you can automatically advise key people of
problems allowing quick remedial action, or notify ION software so logs can be
uploaded from the site that initiated the alert.

>>The Alert module sends an alert whenever its Trigger input is pulsed. You can
connect this input to any module that produces a pulse output. You can use
modules that monitor alarm conditions such as changes in relay status and power
quality problems. For example, you can connect the Trigger input to the output of
a Setpoint module, thereby allowing the Alert module to send an alert when the
setpoint condition is reached.

>> The Alert module delivers these types of alerts:
¿ Numeric Pager
¿ Alphanumeric Pager
¿ PEGASYS (for alerts to PEGASYS software)
¿ ION Alert (for alerts to ION Enterprise software)
¿ Email


 PowerLogic ION7330 LED remote display option  is available as an option for ION7330 TRAN meters @$File/70052-0222-01.pdf

Portable Circuit Monitor Series 2000 - This Portable Circuit Monitor is a multifunction, digital instrumentation, data acquisition and control device. The PCM can stand alone or is equipped with RS-485 communications for integration into a POWERLOGIC power monitoring and control system.$FILE/Portable_CM.pdf

Compatible Devices - ION Enterprise is compatible with the following devices
Power and Energy Meters
PowerLogic® ION8800
PowerLogic® ION8600
PowerLogic® ION7650/7550 series
PowerLogic® PM800 series
PowerLogic® ION7300 series
PowerLogic® PM710, PM750
PowerLogic® ION6200
PowerLogic® PM200 series
Circuit breaker control units
MicroLogic Type A, P and H devices
Modbus-compatible devices
Other devices through OPC

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