Connectivity problems when adding Amped Wireless Extender SR300

I have a DSL connection using a Westell 6100 wireless modem in an office on my property.  I have another computer inside the home approximately 100' away.  I had an additional DSL connection for the home but decided to do away with it when I realized I could use the Amped Wireless Repeater SR300 with my network.  

I setup the repeater and it worked perfectly for over three weeks.  My signal strength at the repeater is 35%.  My hard line download speed is 12mpbs.  When connected wirelessly through the Amped device the speed is around 3mpbs which is acceptable for my internet usage.  The speed was constant (until of course the connection between the repeater and router was lost).

Any device that was connected to the repeater would no longer receive an IP.  When I logged into the Amped device by hardwiring into it the device looks as if it has been reset to factory settings.  So I repeated the setup process and the device would work for another week or so then the same problem would occur.  I replaced the device with an identical model and after a week the same problem occurred again.

Assuming it might be a signal strength issue I added a Wireless N router to the Westell device and my signal strength at the repeater went from 35% to 64%.  This worked well for about 3 days then the signal dropped again.  I made sure the Wireless N router and Amped device were on the same channel.  Before the Wireless N router I ensured the Westell device and Amped device were using the same channel.

I have not bridged the Westell DSL modem into the Wireless N router yet as I was just testing thus far.  Any help is greatly appreciated.
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I would try updating the firmware on both repeaters to the latest versions. Also, do you have any issues such as surges or spikes? I have seen those screw up many electronics, even on a surge protector.

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1namylnAuthor Commented:
I can try the firmware.  The area is prone to short brown outs.  That being said this issue has occurred when there were no power issues also.  If it is the brownouts causing it the only way to be sure would be to put them both on battery backups, right?
1namylnAuthor Commented:
Worked like a charm.  Thanks!
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