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Can't RDP from some IP's

Hi guys,

I am having a strange issues which has got to be a block, but I am not sure where.
I can not RDP or open an OWA  on some computers  on external networks.  However on others it all works fine.

By external sites I mean the server is located in one office. And my home computer for example can't open the connection.  

I can RDP in from some other locations and open the OWA at other locations but nothing from my home and a couple of moblie broadband locations.

I suspect it is the router or the server that is blocking me but I really don't know.

It was all working up till 2 days ago.

I had a power outage at this site the other day and ever since the email was playing up, I believe this was a DNS / DHCP issue and it has been resolve but I am stuck a bit

i have run a traceroute from one of the locations that is playing up and won't connect  it has  alot of time out requests
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The router is a 2830 ADSL2_
The server is running sbs2011
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Can you verify that the edge device (router or firewall) is forwarding 443 and 3389 to the IP of the SBS?  Can you run the internet connection wizard on the SBS to verify the SBS is set to accept these requests.
Yes the firewall is open.
Yes I ran the internet connection wizard just yesterday in fact.  

I did not have the issue before running the wizard. I was having another issue regarding iphones not connecting to exchange, which has since been resolved.
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At the location that is working i get

 5    58 ms    55 ms    48 ms
 6    47 ms    47 ms    48 ms
 7    47 ms    73 ms    55 ms
 8    49 ms    63 ms    64 ms

However at the one that is not after
5    58 ms    55 ms    48 ms

I get nothing .

my internal network is on not 172.18.x.x.

so what does that mean is it my ISP ?
how your office are connected each other? Your or ISP VPN?
Just ISP normal internet connection no VPN
So i logged into the server from another location that works tonight.

Now I can't ping the router from the server however other computers on the network can ping the router.

Mail is still flowing to my exchange server.

At this point I am going to replace the router when onsite tomorrow morning but what if this does not resolve my issue.

Could the DNS on the server be causing this issue.?
How can I reset my server DNS again  if required?

Thanks guys
Are you using your RDP gateway or just straight to the server on port 3389?

It won't be the DNS on your server causing the issue. I think Dan was suggesting a possible external DNS issue?

The 172.18 network is your ISP.

Are you connecting via your DNS name or your external IP address?  -  If its via DNS name then try the IP address.

However at the one that is not after
5    58 ms    55 ms    48 ms

I get nothing .

This maybe nothing.  If you're not on the ISP's network it may block ICMP requests and won;t respond.
I am not 100% sure what you mean here
"Are you using your RDP gateway or just straight to the server on port 3389?"
I am pretty sure it is just straight to the port 3389

I will talk with the ISP tomorrow. to see if they are blocking the requests.

I tried connecting via the IP and still no go.

Do you have any ideas on why my server would have stopped talking to the router but the mail is still flowing.
Thanks for your help btw . I really appreciate the feedback guys/girls - Off to bed

When you connect and it fails, does it get to the point where its asking for a username and password or does it fail before that?
Nah I am never asked for a Username or password
I have contacted the ISP and they can see a problem on their side. Thanks for your help guys. I am also awaiting a new router to fix the internal network issue.
Thanks for letting us know.